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Are you searching for affordable, professional dental treatment? Are you tired of a service that never lives up to your expectations? At Southfield Dental Practice, you’ll discover the very best in general and cosmetic dentistry. We can draw upon many years of experience, and our extensive knowledge will keep you smiling for longer. To find out more, contact our Ringwood dental clinic today on 01425 489283.

Discover Our Leading Dental Clinic in Ringwood

We all want a smile that we can be proud of as well as teeth and gums which are free from pain and discomfort. While maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene is key to this, it is by no means an effective solution by itself. As with a car, your teeth and gums go through a lot and require regular check-ups to keep any issues at bay. Put simply; you should make it a habit to visit our Ringwood dental clinic on a regular basis.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, issues can still develop, and these can often go unnoticed. Some conditions can be quite serious and usually only become apparent during a routine check-up. While visiting our dental clinic, Ringwood patients will have their mouth examined for any signs of decay as well as diseases and the tell-tale signs of mouth cancer.

Any issues can be quickly identified and treated using the appropriate methods. A check-up not only identifies any problems, but it also gives us the opportunity to identify any areas of improvement and to offer helpful advice and suggestions. Of course, we can go a lot further than this, and our Ringwood dental clinic can provide any number of general dentistry services, including:

Please note that for many of our services, we can offer sedation for nervous patients. This ensures that our dental clinic in Ringwood can cater for all; even patients who don’t particularly relish the idea of going to the dentist.

Hygienist Treatments at Our Ringwood Dental Clinic

Hygienist treatments are like a servicing for your teeth and gums. We usually recommend booking one if during your check-up we notice a large amount of plaque, tartar and stains. The idea of a hygienist treatment is to prevent the onset of gum disease while leaving your teeth looking their best. A thorough assessment will usually precede treatment.

A scale and polish will be carried out to remove any plaque and tartar from along the gum line. Scaling is the process of removing the plaque and tartar, and polishing is the process of restoring the teeth to their pearly-white appearance. In the case of deep gum disease, tartar can be carefully removed from the root surfaces. Following a hygienist visit to our dental clinic, Ringwood patients will receive advice and demonstrations on how to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy moving forward.

Cosmetic Treatments and Implants

In addition to general dentistry, here at Southfield Dental, we also provide a range of cosmetic treatments and dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry is somewhat pricier than general dentistry but is a great way of keeping your teeth and gums looking immaculate. If you’re conscious about your image, teeth whitening, and white fillings might be precisely what you’re looking for.

Other services offered at our Ringwood dental clinic include Botox treatments, porcelain crowns, veneers and onlays and teeth straightening. For more information about any of these services, click on the links above or have a friendly chat with one of our dentists.


Dental implants are intended for patients who have lost either a single tooth or multiple teeth and are specially designed to look as natural as possible. Such implants are attached using metal-grade metal screws which assume the role that would’ve been carried out by the root. Implants are intended to look as realistic as possible making them virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

For more information about our dental implants, call Southfield Dental Practice today on 01425 489283.

Why Choose Our Dental Clinic, Ringwood?

Southfield Dental Practice first opened its doors in 2016, and in only two years has established an outstanding reputation throughout the local community. We are a private practice situated on the southern side of Ringwood with fantastic public transport connections. This makes getting to and from our Ringwood dental clinic quick and easy.

Set up by Christian and Caroline Gollings, Southfield Dental Practice benefits from their extensive experience. In fact, the pair have more than 20 years of dental experience each! Patients who come to us for their treatments can rest easy knowing they are in safe and capable hands. Our ethos is centred on providing a relaxing environment and in preserving the patient’s own teeth for as long as possible.

We provide treatments which are less invasive as well as empathetic dentistry which enables us to provide a bespoke service which is right for you. Finally, our dental clinic in Ringwood features off-road parking making it a convenient choice for patients with their own vehicle.


Discover why we’re the leading Ringwood dental clinic by booking your first appointment with us today. Call 01425 489283 to find out more.